Janmasthami celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna

Janmasthami celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna was the eighth and one of the most powerful human incarnations of Hindu God Vishnu.

This popular festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal all over India in the month of August with songs, fasting, bhajans, dances, pujas, arti, blowing of the conch and rocking the cradle of baby Krishna.

The song below is a bhajan (devotional song) sung in praise of Lord Krishna.

In this song young Krishna who is dark skinned (bluish black complexion actually) asks his mother why Radha, his childhood friend, so fair and he so dark. To that his mother breaks into a smile and indulgently explains that her sweet baby was born at midnight on a dark stormy night. And that is why her little darling, who is still as beautiful as a black lotus, so dark.

But little Krishna still not satisfied, asks yet again. To that his mom humours him by saying that beautiful and fair Radha’s eyes are as black as the dark night. And the black eyed woman has cast a spell on him with her enchanting eyes – that is why he is so dark.

At that moment Radha walks in and with a sparkle in her eyes protests vivaciously, “Oh! I have cast a spell on him! Mother Yashoda your darling son Kanha (Krishna’s other name) is rarest and different from all the others….his beauty is incandescent and eternal and that is why he is so dark!”

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