The Mynah Song

“I sang for many years
Calling for you
I flew for many years
Looking for you
I cried for many years
Wishing for you
I smiled for many years
Hoping for you
I slept for many years
Dreaming about you
I sighed for many years
Losing faith in you
I fought for many years
Convincing cynics for you
Gazed at stars for many years
Thinking about you.

Now that I found you
My greatest dream’s come true
My song will be a faraway beacon
For love’s deepest conviction
My tears will be the calm
For a heart needing a balm
My flight will be a goal
For love’s weary soul
My dreams will bring meaning
On the darkest night of yearning
My faith will lay the foundation
Of hope in all God’s creations
My fight will be a victory
Against love’s every enemy
My battle will be the guiding light
For love’s every warrior and knight.”

                         – Fury of the primates (Magical ventures of Loli and Lenny: Vol 2) 

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