Ideas and inspiration (How to write a novel – Part 1)

The first thing that you need to figure out while writing your story is what kind of story you are going to write about; or to be more specific what genre will it belong to. Will the story be focused on romance or will it be a sci-fi fiction or should you opt to write a dystopian fiction? Continue reading “Ideas and inspiration (How to write a novel – Part 1)”

Prince Charming

When you find somebody you love
You are lucky!
When you find somebody you love and admire
You are luckier and inspired!
When you find somebody you respect, love and admire
You have found your soul mate!
When you find somebody who excites you
Besides all the above
And yet still be patient with his flaws and faults
The universe has smiled at you my friend
And you have found your Prince Charming!


When my steps are shaky
When the world is grey
When my feet tremble
And my balance is unstable
You are that golden light to me
You ease my pain and uplift me,
You instill firm faith in me
You restore that confidence in me
I am the luckiest
I am the strongest
I am the wisest
I am the most tenacious
All because of you
Your love so selfless, so true
Hope somewhere, I have tried too
To be the same to You
love 4 love 5

Love is..

Love is…
The oasis in a desert
Rainbow across the rich blue sky
Dewdrops on a fresh cool morning
Showers during a sultry afternoon
Hot mug of coffee on a winter’s night
A shooting star across a star-studded sky
A walk laden with feelings than words
A song that ignites that glimmer of passion
Fragrance from the primrose on an evening sojourn
Chocolates after a midnight feast
The beauty of life at ocean’s deep
The promise of sunset at a white sandy beach
The hope of sunrise on a faraway hill

Beloved Teacher

You smiled
You sighed
You tried
You worried
You cared
You loved
You encouraged
You motivated
You sometimes held back
While using gentle tact
You sometimes appeared bad
Just to keep me on track
You were patient
And at times strict
Yet agonised inside
When I sobbed and cried
You showed me how to try my wings
And propel them to reach my dreams
You taught me not to stumble
But to walk high and tall
You taught me grace and manners
While carrying a thought for others
You taught me sensitivity
And not self-pity
You taught me
to read and not skim
Write and not scribble
To focus and not dabble
You took me to the doctor
Just to make sure
You shoved, you pushed
Just when my parents wavered
You criticised me – appeared harsh
While I ranted and begrudged
You taught me leadership
And smile through every hardship
You showered me with praises
In my weakest and lowest phases
You helped discover my talents
And soothed me in my painful moments
You are mom, dad and angel
All three in one label
You are God’s gentle way
To guide and love me everyday

~~~Walking in your light~~~


Your essence so beauteous
Lights my path of darkness
The awakening of my soul
Touched by your loving embrace,
Illuminates my path —
At every step that I take.
Gliding in eternal confidence
Of one who has received
The gift of divine love,
I do not stumble, nor waver anymore
On my quest to life’s trail…
My aura is a golden shining armour;
It deflects the darkest of beings —
On my silver road to happiness,
And transforms each of them
To light beams of new hope…
The wealth of your profound love
Surpasses the grandiose of diamonds and gold
I am richer than the richest man
Now that I have discovered
The eternal treasure of the universe –
The source of divine truth and love!
Through the ages, the wisest of saints
Have all along conveyed the same
Yet I see it with crystal clarity – only now!
My mind soars higher than an eagle
My heart is awashed by waves of tranquillity
A newfound happiness shadows me
With the divine guidance of your light
The anger, the hopelessness and the pain
Is all healed by shedding of the ego
The pearl necklace which you adorned
Lovingly around my heart,
And whispered to me softly
That it carried the most powerful beads –
The beads of forgiveness;
They completely healed me within
When its rays touched my near and dear ones
With a connection altogether unseen
Yet so pure, intense and loving.
It released the vagabond, the drifter –
Me from my self induced prison.
You opened my eyes to show me how
Talent is meagerly accessible with arrogance,
Power is weak without integrity,
Wealth is soulless when self seeking.
Bathing me in the abundance of your light
The blaze of your love chokes me
Into tears of abundant joy;
Victory and happiness is all mine
Yet I never realised that –
All along it was here inside of me.
Nothing can hurt me anymore
Because I have your nurturing voice
To soothe and guide me everyday
The razzle dazzle of the outer world
Doesn’t excite me any more
Earthly illusions don’t blind me
Because it is my inside world
That illuminates me even more
Yet the world looks more beautiful everyday
My bonds with my loved ones get deeper
It is gloriously blessed and how
By the strength of your loving arms
I can see and reach you everywhere
In every leaf, dewdrop and star
Every inch of the earth and sky
Is a reflection of you
Why I was lost all this while, I wonder
When you have been with me all along;
You have enlightened me and how –
To access my inner guiding light
Which is my own self
A part of me which is in you
And resides in the higher realms
Of your heavenly abode
I realise the authenticity of my higher self
It has been my true teacher and guide
Life honestly can’t get any better
It is a wonderful rich experience
To live everyday
I thought I’d have to travel the world
In search of this…
But lo behold!
It was right here inside of me
I am bejewelled in the beauty of your love
My life truly is an adventure everyday
The radiance of your love
Excites me to seek and discover
The hiddenmost pearl in the deepest ocean,
The luminous star of the furthest galaxy,
From right here inside –
The walls of my earthly abode.
The essence of you touched me wholly
And healed my every cell, nerve and sinew
I pray that every man can soon find
This heavenly road to abundance
Of the heart, mind and soul…
Let them be touched by you
And they soon find
This inconceivable glory of you –
Every day of their lives.
Let every soul be awakened
To see what a wondrous gift life is
To cherish and live everyday;
And find themselves by and by
Walking in your light…