Beloved Teacher

You smiled
You sighed
You tried
You worried
You cared
You loved
You encouraged
You motivated
You sometimes held back
While using gentle tact
You sometimes appeared bad
Just to keep me on track
You were patient
And at times strict
Yet agonised inside
When I sobbed and cried
You showed me how to try my wings
And propel them to reach my dreams
You taught me not to stumble
But to walk high and tall
You taught me grace and manners
While carrying a thought for others
You taught me sensitivity
And not self-pity
You taught me
to read and not skim
Write and not scribble
To focus and not dabble
You took me to the doctor
Just to make sure
You shoved, you pushed
Just when my parents wavered
You criticised me – appeared harsh
While I ranted and begrudged
You taught me leadership
And smile through every hardship
You showered me with praises
In my weakest and lowest phases
You helped discover my talents
And soothed me in my painful moments
You are mom, dad and angel
All three in one label
You are God’s gentle way
To guide and love me everyday

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