To Be the Best (Emma Harte Saga #3) – Book Review

I loved the first two volumes in the Emma Harte Saga and was excited to read the third one and know more about the characters. How did they handle their grandmother’s business?  Did they find true love or were happily married?  I wasn’t disappointed at all as it carried on the same pace and intrigue as the previous two. The title of the book itself is a motivator and stays in my mind as a reminder to be ‘the best always’ in whatever I strive to do. But this volume was more about family drama and emotions than the previous two. I was happy to read about Paula and Emily’s life altogether, especially how wonderfully they balanced their marriages as well as their careers. Their husbands Shane and Winston were friends as well and shared great holidays with their children. Their children shared a good rapport with each other as well as the other cousins of the Harte family. There was more of a cosy sense of family and togetherness in this book. But there were a lot of tragedies too in the family especially with Paula’s brother, Paul, regarding his personal life as well as her cousin, Alexander, in the form of a fatal illness. There was a sense of sadness I felt in this book which hadn’t been there in the other two books.

Again the women were portrayed very strongly here and Maddy, Paula’s sister-in-law, was a new addition to this string of strong women. They handled the Harte enterprises efficiently. Paula displayed brilliant business acumen in the end when she saved the company from a takeover bid by her unscrupulous cousin Jonathan Ainsley. Again I got to know a lot about corporate business in the retail sector. A message that we can all take is when Sir Ronald Kallinski, Paula’s elderly family friend, ask her if a modern woman can have it all. Paula answers beautifully, saying yes, provided that she does proper planning and is the master of organisation.

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