Writing Tips for Beginners

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Writing is an intuitive process. The creative spirit of a person who has the penchant to express it through words is what inspires one to write. The sense of fulfillment one gets after completing a written piece is the driving force of every writer. The euphoria that follows in the aftermath Continue reading “Writing Tips for Beginners”

How to write a Book Review?

For people who love reading, discussing a book can be both an enriching and exhilarating process. But many a time it can be difficult to find fellow book lovers. Hence joining a community where we can discuss books can help feed that appetite of a true book lover. Continue reading “How to write a Book Review?”

Ideas and inspiration (How to write a novel – Part 1)

The first thing that you need to figure out while writing your story is what kind of story you are going to write about; or to be more specific what genre will it belong to. Will the story be focused on romance or will it be a sci-fi fiction or should you opt to write a dystopian fiction? Continue reading “Ideas and inspiration (How to write a novel – Part 1)”