Like a flowing river – Book Review


“Like a flowing river,” leads us into deep reflection and profound thinking. The author, Paulo Coelho, writes about his deep observations of life and society as a whole from his travels and personal experiences in his own life. The book draws us towards invaluable lessons Continue reading “Like a flowing river – Book Review”

Writing Tips for Beginners

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Writing is an intuitive process. The creative spirit of a person who has the penchant to express it through words is what inspires one to write. The sense of fulfillment one gets after completing a written piece is the driving force of every writer. The euphoria that follows in the aftermath Continue reading “Writing Tips for Beginners”

Book Review of the Fairy Chronicles



‘Firefly and the quest of the black squirrel,’ is a children’s book and the fourth volume in the ‘The Fairy Chronicles,’ series. Although this book is a part of a series yet each of these books can be read as a stand-alone book in any order.

The background and setup of the story is explained concisely so that readers can quickly catch up with the characters and plot in every volume of the series. The author of the book Continue reading “Book Review of the Fairy Chronicles”

How to start a gratitude journal

Gratitude journaling: A powerful practice that we must follow to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life!

Keeping a #Gratitude Journal can bring a miraculous change in our lives. It not only reduces our stress levels and promotes self-growth, but also brings in a sense of well being while filling our lives with abundance. It helps enforce the habit of being grateful in our lives. Continue reading “How to start a gratitude journal”

‘Geronimo Stilton,’ a great series to encourage reluctant readers and beginners

This well-known series has proved to be a great pick for children when it comes to initiating an interest and love for reading.

With the massive influx of video games, it has become increasingly challenging for our children to get into the habit of reading. This is even more pronounced where young boys are concerned. Continue reading “‘Geronimo Stilton,’ a great series to encourage reluctant readers and beginners”

Here’s why you should read every day

Reading on a regular basis, even a few minutes, a day brings in many positive effects that can help reduce stress, enhance empathy and more.

#Reading has become a neglected activity in today’s age of smartphones, social media, and video games. More than often when we are not occupied with our jobs or daily chores, we are distracted by online activities on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype.To get out Continue reading “Here’s why you should read every day”