God of small things – Book Review

This is the second time I re-read ‘God of small things’ after years and that too with a more mature eye but I felt the same old drag like before as I ploughed through the first few chapters. The events in the book don’t unfold in a chronological order and the timelines can mess you up as the story shifts forward and backward with flashbacks, reminiscences, and foreshadowing of future events. Continue reading “God of small things – Book Review”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Book Review

Harry Potter is one of those unique children book series that has crossed genres to be read both by children and adults. I have read many boarding school stories but it is the true genius of JK Rowling to weave the magical world into a school book series. The beauty of this series is the beautiful life lessons it imparts through a story of Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Book Review”

To Be the Best (Emma Harte Saga #3) – Book Review

I loved the first two volumes in the Emma Harte Saga and was excited to read the third one and know more about the characters. How did they handle their grandmother’s business?  Did they find true love or were happily married?  I wasn’t disappointed at all as it carried on the same pace and intrigue as the previous two. The title of the book itself is a motivator and stays in my mind as a reminder Continue reading “To Be the Best (Emma Harte Saga #3) – Book Review”

Hold the Dream (Emma Harte Saga #2) – Book Review

I was excited to read the second volume of the Emma Harte series, “Hold the Dream,” and without saying I was not disappointed. I loved it even more than the first book as Emma’s dynamic and talented granddaughter, Paula, takes centre stage here. She is a strong and indomitable character who in spite of being a rich heiress never took her Continue reading “Hold the Dream (Emma Harte Saga #2) – Book Review”