God of small things – Book Review

This is the second time I re-read ‘God of small things’ after years and that too with a more mature eye but I felt the same old drag like before as I ploughed through the first few chapters. The events in the book don’t unfold in a chronological order and the timelines can mess you up as the story shifts forward and backward with flashbacks, reminiscences, and foreshadowing of future events. Continue reading “God of small things – Book Review”

Hold the Dream (Emma Harte Saga #2) – Book Review

I was excited to read the second volume of the Emma Harte series, “Hold the Dream,” and without saying I was not disappointed. I loved it even more than the first book as Emma’s dynamic and talented granddaughter, Paula, takes centre stage here. She is a strong and indomitable character who in spite of being a rich heiress never took her Continue reading “Hold the Dream (Emma Harte Saga #2) – Book Review”

Woman of Substance (Emma Harte Saga #1) – Book Review

Woman of substance is a powerful rag to riches story of a girl who rose from the ranks of a servant to one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. I read this book in my teens and it was the first time I read about women in business. Reading about Emma Harte ruling a business empire propelled my young teenage heart to dream something on a Continue reading “Woman of Substance (Emma Harte Saga #1) – Book Review”

Book Review of the Fairy Chronicles



‘Firefly and the quest of the black squirrel,’ is a children’s book and the fourth volume in the ‘The Fairy Chronicles,’ series. Although this book is a part of a series yet each of these books can be read as a stand-alone book in any order.

The background and setup of the story is explained concisely so that readers can quickly catch up with the characters and plot in every volume of the series. The author of the book Continue reading “Book Review of the Fairy Chronicles”