Pros and Cons of Digital Advertising

Digital content, as well as its audience, is growing at an incredible speed what with four billion people using the internet. This means if you want your business to grow and get noticed then digital advertising cannot be ignored. Although similar to traditional advertising, the spread of information about a brand here is comparatively easier, Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Digital Advertising”

How to spot fake news?

Fake news is breeding in massive proportions since 2017 as social media makes it so easy to share it online. Most of the websites carrying fake news look like trusted websites and readers are easily misinformed and led into these hoaxes. The technological ease of sharing these stories exposes it to more people who may be outraged by it and then also Continue reading “How to spot fake news?”

Impact of Fake News on Democracy

The internet carries massive information that we devour every day but how much of this is credible? Time has come to be discriminatory about the information we consume as the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ has not only become a digital menace but also a monumental threat to democracy. Fake news is simply fabricated stories created for an Continue reading “Impact of Fake News on Democracy”