God of small things – Book Review

This is the second time I re-read ‘God of small things’ after years and that too with a more mature eye but I felt the same old drag like before as I ploughed through the first few chapters. The events in the book don’t unfold in a chronological order and the timelines can mess you up as the story shifts forward and backward with flashbacks, reminiscences, and foreshadowing of future events. Continue reading “God of small things – Book Review”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Book Review

Harry Potter is one of those unique children book series that has crossed genres to be read both by children and adults. I have read many boarding school stories but it is the true genius of JK Rowling to weave the magical world into a school book series. The beauty of this series is the beautiful life lessons it imparts through a story of Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Book Review”