Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Book Review

Harry Potter is one of those unique children book series that has crossed genres to be read both by children and adults. I have read many boarding school stories but it is the true genius of JK Rowling to weave the magical world into a school book series. The beauty of this series is the beautiful life lessons it imparts through a story of fantasy and adventure.

Rowling takes us into the fascinating world of magic and creates magic through different mediums such as spells, wands, cauldrons, and herbs. Here the owl is used as a mail, a broomstick is used to fly, a cloak has the ability to hide, the cauldron is used to cook magical potions and every imaginable ordinary item is made intriguing with its interesting magical abilities. The spells used by Rowling are a delight to pronounce and fascinating to learn as to what powers they possess.


In the magical world, Harry Potter is quite famous from the time he is a child because he manages to destroy the powers of the evilest wizards of the century. The headmaster of Hogwarts School, Albus Dumbledore, though doesn’t want Harry to be spoilt by all the fame and adulation he will eventually receive. So when Harry is just a baby he sends him to live with his Uncle and Aunt, the Dursleys, so that the tough childhood with them keeps him humble and grounded. Although Harry’s life is difficult with the Dursleys, it was ridiculously funny reading about them right from their physical appearances to their outrageous behaviours. Once Harry is ready to become a student in Hogwarts School, where a student specialises in the art of magic, everything from his journey through the 9 and 3/4 platform to his life as a student is a fascinating read. His best friends Ron and Hermione add further spice to his adventures especially with their contrasting characteristics where Ron is quite easy going compared to Hermoine’s competitive nature.

The school has different houses like any other school. The method of being chosen for their respective houses with a sorting hat is one among many other delightful chapters to read. There are a lot of interesting characters such as their sardonic teacher Sirius Black, gatekeeper Hagrid, fun loving Weasley twins and the dark lord Voldemort among a few others who completely grips you into their complexities and eccentricities. Hagrid and Dumbledore are father figures to Harry who many a time brings out one’s protective instincts all because of the victimisation he faces as an orphan. A magical story that almost sounds real and lives with you forever.

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