Savour the Moment – Book Review

I am revisiting some of my old favourites of which “Savour the Moment” is one of the feel-good books by Nora Roberts. It has all the ingredients of a modern fairy tale consisting of girl friendships who not only find their happily ever after but also are successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

In the whole series, the four childhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel, and Emmaline get together to build their wedding planner business. Their company ‘Vows’ is managed by Parker while Mackensie is the wedding photographer; Laurel, the Pastry Chef, and Emma, the wedding florist. The third installment in this series is about Laurel who finds love with Delanie Brown who is a lawyer by profession and also their legal advisor. Laurel is a self-made and independent woman who had a lot of tough knocks in life and has worked hard to be a successful woman entrepreneur that she is today. There are detailed aspects of her baking business which piqued my interest. Having a penchant for reading about lives of woman entrepreneurs, I felt inspired reading about the nitty-gritty details of her business and how she motivated herself to stick to her grinding schedule. It was engrossing to see her passion for designing exotic cakes while understanding her client requirements through their personality and emotions. Although Laurel highly valued her friendships and considered them her only family yet she was not someone who had too many expectations from relationships or men coming from a broken family herself. No wonder even if she was in love with Parker’s brother, Delaney, all her life yet she never attempted to make her feelings known. I loved Delaney as he is the perfect family man who was always taking care of his sister and her friends as well as their business. The business was more like a family business where all of the four friends worked and lived together in the same complex but in different wings. They had business meetings at any hour of the day, were gym buddies as well as had fun get-togethers. In course of running their business, they shared each other’s joys & challenges while motivating each other. How idyllic can it get considering even their partners were good friends? Delaney though wealthy is a hardworking as well as a family man and not all some unattainable millionaire usually thrown in romance novels. The last part of the book where they spend their vacation at a beach house owned by Delany makes one feel happy and curled in that special cosy corner with a hot coffee in hand. Delaney’s life is not all about money but working hard and sharing the good stuff with the family he loves which consisted of his sister’s friends and their partners with whom he had already bonded at different times. The money factor and wealthy upbringing though gets in the way of their romance but in the end, Laurel and Del work it out and come out as a beautiful couple whose journey I truly enjoyed. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series while keeping in touch with the feel-good factor that this book brought me.

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